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Carlaw Avenue

Residential Tree Removal

For many years, a mature white birch has been a centrepiece of Laurie’s backyard. While the tree has been declining from a persistent bronze birch borer infestation, our team helped maintain the tree for years through regular deadwood removal and pruning. This winter, the time had come to remove the tree. We applied for a permit in January and safely removed the tree in April. We are now looking forward to helping Laurie refresh the landscape of her yard, including planting a new yellowwood replacement tree.


A few kind words from Laurie:


"George has been a complete pleasure to work with. Professional, thoughtful, timely, and reasonably priced. When a tree is removed, there is no debris or a trace that it was there. The cleanup is stellar. And George provides estimates so there are no surprises! He also gives excellent advice about what is realistic and possible for replacements. I can’t recommend George highly enough!”

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